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The world’s first SMS mobile app for Office 365.

Send and receive text messages on any iOS or Android mobile device, using the same virtual number that you use for texting on your Office 365 desktop.

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Manage your Office 365 SMS texts on the go

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Register for your FREE trial.
  2. Install the Chatabox SMS Mobile app for Office 365.
  3. Then enjoy instant access to all your Office 365 text conversations, or start new ones on-the-move.
SMS text for Office 365

Compliant Mobile Texting

Archive all your messages

Archiving your SMS text messages is now a business imperative. And this can be a challenge, especially if your business supports a Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) policy.

But with the Chatabox Mobile App, it’s no problem at all!

The app auto-sends and stores your messages securely in Microsoft Azure. These can then be downloaded or sent by email and saved in Office 365’s Conversation History folder. As a result, you can rest easy that you’ll always meet your compliance obligations.

Conversational texting anywhere, anytime, on any device – using just one number!  

One Number - Multiple Devices

Dedicated Chatabox or Microsoft Number*

*US & Canada Only

Send/receive text messages on a local, virtual SMS number with our secure central messaging service.

No SIM card required!

SMS mobile app for Office 365

Fully Integrated with Office 365

Enjoy easy access and easy conversations

Chatabox and Office 365 deliver a fully integrated service. So accessing the app is a breeze. Simply log-on to your Office 365 account and you’re done! 

Then continue conversations  that began on your Office 365 desktop, or start new ones. You can send messages to any contacts stored in Outlook, your employee directory, or your mobile phone. And as new texts arrive, you’ll get instant alerts on all your devices.

Move on to Desktop

Different device, same number, identical experience

Start conversations on your mobile when you’re out of the office, and keep them going on your Office 365 desktop when you return.

Every message you send or receive will use the same virtual number. And your texting information will be continually synched. So no matter what device you use, you’ll always enjoy a consistent texting experience across your iOS and Android desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.

Main Features

Delivered from Microsoft Azure Cloud

Message Notifications

Get instant alerts on your Windows desktop and on all your mobile devices as new texts come in.

No SIM Card Required

All messages are sent and received using a virtual number, so your mobile number can remain private, and you won't need a SIM card .

Messaging Archive

Every message is stored centrally in Microsoft Azure. This means they can be downloaded or sent by email and filed in your conversation history folder to ensure legal compliance.

Secure Access

Sign-in security is provided by Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This means that there is no need for additional user-access maintenance.

Text Delivery Status

Live delivery reports ensure that you always know when your text has been sent and when it has got to its destination.

Area Codes & International

You can send and receive messages from your chosen US/Canada area code, or international number.

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