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SMS for Skype for Business.

Send and receive SMS texts to-and-from any mobile device from within Skype for Business, using the powerful Office 365 plug-in that organizations worldwide now depend on.

SMS text for Office 365
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SMS for Skype for Business: Reach More Customers More Quickly

Engage more people: at the right time, in the right place, at less cost. And do it all from Office 365!

Simply Click and Text

from Skype for Business

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Register for your FREE trial.
  2. Install the Skype for Business plug-in. 
  3. Start sending and receiving text messages – in just the same quick-and-easy way you start a chat, voice or video call.

Supercharge Your Sales Engagement

People have no time to read emails, answer calls or respond to voicemail – but they will engage by text. So when you add 2-way SMS to Skype for Business, you’ve a real communications powerhouse on your hands: one that drives customer engagemet, provides real value for your clients, and keeps your competitive edge at its sharpest.

Accelerate Your Business Performance

When staff are out-of-office and off-line, it can be a struggle to stay connected and keep everyone on top of their tasks. But with Chatabox, you can keep in 2-way contact with your offline staff in the same way you do with your online employees – by using instant messaging. At the same time, Chatabox will ensure you remain compliant and support BYOD. Oh, and you’ll never have to use your personal cell or SIM numbers for work.

Relax! You’re in Safe Hands

Chatabox comes with all the security of Microsoft Azure.

One Number - Multiple Devices

Dedicated Chatabox or Skype for Business* Number

*US & Canada Only

Each user gets a virtual SMS number from our secure central messaging service. Then they can send and receive texts from their Skype for Business desktop, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

SMS Text Multiple People

manage multiple text conversations

Multi-messaging is easy – and it’s just a click away. 

  1. Simply select all the Skype for Business contacts you want your message to go to.
  2. Hit send.
  3. Have a one-on-one chat with each reply.

It’s that easy!

Move on to Mobile

Same number, same contacts, identical experience
Start conversations on your desktop – and keep them going on-the-move. 
Use the Chatabox mobile app to send and receive SMS texts from your iOS or Android mobile device. And use the same virtual number you use to text from your Skype for Business desktop. 

Other Features

Delivered from Microsoft Azure Cloud

Text Delivery Status

Live delivery reports ensure that you always know when your text has been sent and when it has got to its destination.

Message Notifications

Receive notifications on your Skype for Business desktop or mobile device whenever you receive an SMS Text message.

Messaging Archive

Every message can be downloaded or sent by email. This means you can file it in your conversation history folder to ensure legal compliance.

Secure Access

Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides sign-in security with no need for additional user access maintenance.

Area Codes & International

Send and receive messages from your chosen US/Canada area code or international number.

Messaging Platforms

Chatabox MMS and RCS is on its way! Very shortly you'll be able to send/receive multimedia messages. And soon you'll also be able to send/receive messages to-and-from users on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger directly from your Skype for Business platform. Watch this space.......

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