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How Team Inbox Works

The Chatabox Team Inbox uses Office 365 Groups to manage the team members.  Once an Office 365 Group has been created using Outlook or Active Directory, the Group email address can be added to your subscription to enable the Team Inbox tab/button. 

Add Office 365 Group

In Microsoft Outlook, scroll down to the Groups Folder within your the Office 365 email account registered with Chatabox.  Right click on the Groups Folder and select New Group from the right click menu.

Create Office 365 Group

Add the Group Name which is used to create the Group email address used by Chatabox, click on the Create button and add the members of the Group which will control which users will see the Chatabox Team Inbox.

View Office 365 Group

If an Office 365 Group is already available to use, select the Group and click on the email Name to view the Group email address which is used to create the Group email address in Chatabox.

Team Inbox Request

Go to My Account and select Add Team Inbox and enter your Group Email address which will control the members that will access the Chatabox Team Inbox in Chatabox.