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Start Texting

To start texting, right-click on the contact you wish to message in the Skype for Business menu.

Scroll down the menu to select Chatabox message

The Chatabox plug-in will start automatically.

Chatabox for Skype for Business - Screenshot

Create & Send Text Message

Type your text message.

Then click the (send) arrow or press Return to send the SMS text message.

Chatabox Account Not Found

If you receive the message Your account does not exist in our database. Please contact your system administrator, it simply means that your email has not been set up and registered in the Chatabox service. 

Please contact Chatabox at or visit

Chatabox for Skype for Business - Screenshot

Not Signed In

If Chatabox is initiated by Skype for Business when the user is not signed in, the message Login required, would you like to login now? will be displayed. 

Select Yes to log in to Chatabox.

Chatabox for Skype for Business - Screenshot

User Authentication

Enter your Microsoft Office 365 or Azure Active Directory email address (or your corporate email address if Azure AD Connect is used) that you used to register for your Chatabox service.

Then enter your usual Microsoft password to login to the Chatabox service.

Chatabox for Skype for Business - Screenshot


To manually sign-in to Chatabox, after first initiating from Skype for Business, right-click the Chatabox icon located in the systray in the Windows toolbar and select Sign-In.

Chatabox for Skype for Business - Screenshot
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Add Users

Request users to be added to your Chatabox subscription.

Add Team Inbox

Request the addition of an Office 365 Group email to the Team Inbox