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Starting Chatabox

Click on the horizontal ellipsis icon (…) in the Microsoft Teams tool bar on the left hand side of the screen.

Select Chatabox App.

Sending First Text Chatabox for Teams Screenshot

Chatabox App Tabs

The Conversation tab is a simple chatbot that provides a notification for each new text and enables the option to reply. See Notifications for more information.

Click the Chatabox tab to access the Contact Management App.

Microsoft Sign in

Sign in to the Chatabox App using your Office 365 login details that you provided during the registration process. 

Chatabox App

On slower networks, the message ‘loading conversations please wait’ may be displayed. If this displays for more than 10 seconds, navigate away from the Chatabox App by clicking on the Conversation tab. Then re-select the Chatabox tab to sign in again.

New Message

To send your first text, click on the Add New Contact link, or select the menu option New at the bottom of the screen which will display the Contacts tab.

Add New Contact

To add a new contact in the Contacts tab click on + Add/Import Contact or select the menu option New at the bottom of the screen.

Save New Contact

Enter the contact’s details, including their telephone number.

Click Save.

Start Text with Contact

To send a text message, right click on the contact and select Send Message (Me) to send from your dedicated number or Send Message (Team) to send from your shared number.

Compose Text Message

The new conversation will now be displayed in the Messages tab.

Type the message you wish to send in the Type a message box.

Use the keyboard to add a new line in the message if required.

Send Text Message

Click on the send button or press return on the keyboard to send the message.

The status of your text will be shown in the lower right corner of the message bubble. 

Receive Text Message

Any replies from your contact will be displayed in the Messages window.

Close Menu


Try it for yourself !

14 Day Free Trial

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Add Users

Request users to be added to your Chatabox subscription.

Add Team Inbox

Request the addition of an Office 365 Group email to the Team Inbox