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Setup Message Notifications

The Message Notification Chatbot is provided in the Chatabox Conversation tab. 

Type anything into the Type your questions here MS Teams chat box to initiate the sign-in process to receive message notifications.


Click on the Sign-in button and follow the standard Microsoft user authentication process. You will need to use the email address that you provided during Chatabox registration. 

Complete Sign-in

Complete the process by entering a chat message in the Type your questions here box.

Receiving Text Messages in Teams Chat

The Notification Chatbot provided in the Teams app Conversation tab will display each new Text message as an adaptive card.

Reply to Texts in Teams Chat

Click the Reply button in the new message adaptive card and type a reply. 

Press OK to send the text message.

New Message Notification in Teams

The new message received by the notification chatbot will be displayed as a new chat in Teams. 

Teams Notification Popup

A new message popup will be displayed by the notification chatbot if Microsoft Teams notification is enabled.  

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Add Users

Request users to be added to your Chatabox subscription.

Add Team Inbox

Request the addition of an Office 365 Group email to the Team Inbox