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Add New Contact

To add a new contact in the Contacts tab click on + Add/Import Contact or the menu option New at the bottom of the screen. 

See Contacts for more information about managing contacts.

Start Text with Contact

To send a text message, right-click on the contact and select Chatabox Message.

Compose Text Message

The new conversation will now be displayed in the Messages tab.

Type the message you wish to send in the Type a message box.

Use your keyboard to add a new line in the message if required.

Send Text Message

Click on the send button or press return on your keyboard to send the message.

The status of the text will be shown in the lower right corner of the message bubble. 

Add Picture to Message (MMS)

Click on the paperclip icon to choose a picture to send as a text, using MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

Select Picture File

Select the picture file you want to include in your  message.

Click Open

Send Picture Text

Send and receive picture texts in just the same way as you send a standard text message.

Include Emoji's

You can include Emoji’s in your text message by selecting the smiley face icon and then selecting your preferred emoji.

Receive Text Message

Anu replies from your contact/s will be displayed in the Messages window.

Archive Conversations

To remove a conversation from the Messages window, right-click on the conversation to display the Action window and select Archive.

View Archived Conversations

Go to the Archive tab to display archived conversations. 

Messages can still be sent to Archived conversations in the same way as conversations in MyInbox.

UnArchive Conversations

An archived conversation will be automatically unarchived and displayed in the Messages window again if a reply is received from one of the contacts in the conversation. 

You can also unarchive a conversation manually. Simply right-click on any archived conversation and select Unarchive from the Action menu.