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Installation Instructions

Register and download the Chatabox Skype for Business Plugin by clicking on the button below.

Step 1

To start the installation of the Chatabox client, click Next on the Setup Wizard.

Please Note: 

To sign in to the Chatabox service, you’ll need: 

a) The Microsoft Office 365 email address you used to register for your Chatabox service, and

b) Your Office 365 password.

Step 2

Click Install to begin the Chatabox installation.

Please Note: This requires System Administrator permission.

Step 3

Enter the directory where you wish to install the Chatabox client, or leave as the default directory.

Select Next to continue.

Step 4

When you connect to a Chatabox service for the first time, the Chatabox End-User License Agreement appears. Please read and accept the Agreement to continue set-up. To do this:

a) Click the I accept the terms in the License Agreement tick box.

b) Select Next to continue.

Step 5

The Chatabox client installation is now complete.

Click the Log-in to Chatabox Service tick box to start using Chatabox straight away.

Select Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.

Step 7

When the Chatabox client is run for the first time, it will ask for your login details.  

a) Enter the Microsoft Office 365 email address you provided to register for your Chatabox service, and

b) Enter your usual Office 365 password to login to the Chatabox service.

Step 8

To confirm that the new Chatabox menu options have been added to Skype for Business:

a) Right-click on any contact

b) Scroll down and select the Chatabox message menu option.

Chatabox for Skype for Business - Screenshot
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Add Users

Request users to be added to your Chatabox subscription.

Add Team Inbox

Request the addition of an Office 365 Group email to the Team Inbox