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Installation Instructions

Many Apple Mac users have Safari as their default browser which unpacks zip files by default but the downloaded Chatabox installation file needs to remain unzipped for successful installation in Microsoft Teams.  Before downloading the Chatabox installation file, the Open “safe” files after downloading feature in Safari must be unchecked as described below or another browser like Chrome is used to download the file without unpacking.

Step 1

Open Safari and from the Safari menu select preferences.

Step 2

On the General tab, uncheck the Open “safe” files after downloading feature (usually at the bottom).

This prevents .zip files from opening (unpacking) automatically. 

Step 3

Once you have disabled the feature, download the Chatabox for Teams installation .zip file and install the Chatabox App in Microsoft Teams.

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Request users to be added to your Chatabox subscription.

Add Team Inbox

Request the addition of an Office 365 Group email to the Team Inbox