Every Conversation in Just One Place

Text messaging for Office365: All your conversations in one place from any device

Engage your customers

supercharge sales engagement

Your customers have no time to read emails, answer phone calls or respond to voicemail. But they will engage with texts. In fact they want to. So when you add 2 way SMS text messaging to your Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams platform, using desktop or mobile, you’ve got a real communications powerhouse on your hands: One that seriously increases customer engagement and boosts customer satisfaction.

Reach your mobile workers

accelerate business performance

You rely on Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams for internal communications, but when your staff are off-line or without Skype for Business and Teams, how do you stay in touch? How do you remain compliant? How do you support BYOD? And how do you ensure that you and your staff don’t have to use a personal mobile or SIM number for work?  

Add SMS to Skype for Business and Teams

Chatabox is the powerful Office 365 add-in for desktop and mobile, and comes with all the security of Microsoft Azure. 

With Chatabox, you can send and receive SMS messages directly from Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams in just the same quick-and-easy way that you can start a chat, voice or video call.

SMS for Skype for Business

Move on to Mobile

Same number, contacts and conversations
Start conversations on your desktop – and keep them going on-the-move. With the Chatabox mobile app, you can send and receive SMS texts from your iOS or Android mobile device, using the same Virtual Number.

Single Virtual Number

Text from multiple devices

Our central messaging service provides each user with a virtual SMS number, so they can send and receive texts from their Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams desktop – or from their iOS or Android mobile device.

Private Virtual Number

Local US Area Code or International Number
You don't have to use your personal cell or SIM number for business. Now you can Send texts via our centralized, secure messaging service, using a locally based virtual number in the area code or country of your choice.

Text Multiple People

Get the word out fast
Send messages to multiple contacts in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, and continue a private conversation with each reply.

Auto-Archive Messages

For compliance and
peace of mind
Every text from every device is auto-archived. So rest assured that your compliance obligations will always be met.

Message Notifications

Know instantly when you receive a text and who it's from - wherever you are
Receive instant notifications on your Windows desktop or mobile device whenever you receive an SMS text message.

Secure Access

Maximum Identity and Access Protection
Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides sign-in security with no need for additional user access maintenance.

Office 365 Plugin

2-Way Text for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
It's simple to send and receive SMS Text messages from your Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platform with the Chatabox plug-in.
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