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Send and receive text messages on your iOS and Android mobile device and use the same number you text with on your Office 365 desktop.

Manage your Office 365 SMS chats on the go

With the YakChat mobile app you can start conversations on your Office 365 desktop and keep them going when you’re out and about. 

But don’t worry. You won’t have to remember yet another number. Simply text using the same virtual number that you use on your desktop.

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Compliant mobile texting

Take the hassle out of compliance.

YakChat will store your texts securely in Microsoft Azure and make it easy for you to archive them as email. It has built-in offensive word-blocking functionality and controls the inclusion of sensitive personal data in messages.

One number, multiple applications

The YakChat service includes a dedicated number for each of your personal or shared inboxes. This gives you the flexibility to text across multiple business applications and devices. The number can be in your own local area code and is generated from our secure cloud message service within Microsoft Azure.

YakChat Architecture

Text-enable your existing phone number*

Prefer to send texts from your familiar business number?

With YakChat you can use your existing phone number* for both calls and text. That way your contacts will always know who’s texting. And they can choose to reply by text or by calling your number.

*US & Canada only

Fully integrated with
Office 365

YakChat is fully integrated with Office 365 to make your life – well – easier. 

You can enjoy single sign-on security via Microsoft authentication, and send messages to your contacts stored in Outlook, your employee directory or mobile phone. 

And as new texts arrive, you’ll be alerted on all your mobile and Office 365 desktop applications.

What's included
in the Mobile App

iOS/Android Mobile App

It’s as easy to send SMS via the YakChat mobile app as it is to use your regular mobile texting app, but with the added benefit that you don’t have to use your private mobile number. 
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No SIM Card Required

When your messages are sent and received using a YakChat virtual number, you can keep your  personal mobile number private, and you won’t need a SIM card.

Virtual Number Icon

Virtual Number

Choose a virtual number in your area code or country and enjoy 2-way SMS texting from your desktop or mobile device, while keeping your personal number private.

Your Own Number

Text-enable your existing phone number* That way your contacts will always know who’s texting, and they can choose to reply by text or by calling your number.

*US & Canada only.

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Message Notifications

Get instant notifications on your desktop or mobile device as new SMS text messages arrive.

Message Send Status

Live message send status ensures that you always know when your text has been sent and when it gets to its destination.

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Secure Access

With your messages and data protected by secure Microsoft authentication, there’s no need for additional user access maintenance.

Messaging Archive

All your messages can be downloaded or sent by email so they can be filed in your conversation history folder for legal compliance.

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Enter your mobile/cell number below to send a message from YakChat. Reply back to see how YakChat works in a browser.







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